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Thursday January 8 2004

60IF is Fiction!

Paul is Alive!


SunKing banned me! Nice move! I will take that as your admission of guilt.


I took advantage of a day off today to gather everything I have to back up my story. I'LL TELL YOU NOW, THERE'S NOT MUCH "PROOF" HERE, but I'm putting it here in hopes that some of you will pick up a gleam of truth from this. No doubt, there are some on the 60IF board who are having WAY too much fun deceiving people to let it go.


PLEASE NOTE A CHANGE IN MY EMAIL ADDRESS: For those who weren't scared of communicating with me, please begin using for ongoing conversation. The email provider was extremely unreliable.


Let's begin the day with this:

(click any photo for a larger view)


This does two things: it verifies that these are my pictures, and provides an example of my camera's date stamp.


A nice sunny day on Santa Monica Blvd, just to show you what part of the world I'm in.


This is simply a cabinet full of old backups and archives. The top row has a couple of boxes of floppies as well as some ZIP's - the bottom is mostly CDR. This of course proves nothing except that I keep a reasonable amount of old important stuff.


While I'm snapping pictures anyway, here are a couple of other companies I've worked with. Proves nothing, but it should at least bring the claim of working in the entertainment industry in L.A. into the realm of possibility.


A couple more boxes under the desk.


The box from under the desk where I found something of interest.


The disc. Pardon my terrible handwriting. If you look closely in the top right corner, you'll see Q4 2001, which is how I've always labelled my discs. Another from earlier that year can be seen behind it. I'll tell you right up front, there is nothing written on the label of that disc to indicate that the old 60if webpage is on it.


A screen cap of the contents of that disc. Not much, but you'll notice the PM2.htm file. Yep, that's the one. This is not the final version that went online, but it's very near to it. I'm certain the only thing that came after this was the adding of the images. This one only has the "Free as a Bird" image, and that's because that was the impetus. (If you're not sure what I'm talking about, the whole rundown is here.[and by the way PaulBearer, what did you edit in my post at 5:20AM on Jan. 7??]) I borrowed this actual image from the forum because it was part of the original page and I wanted it to be there, but I have been unable to find that image (or any of the comparisons that were part of the final version) on my own media. It doesn't matter though, because there weren't any images that I used that you haven't already seen on Sun King's sites, he just animated them. (And I'm not saying ALL of his images came from my site - I only had 2 or 3 - he's obviously gathered many more.) Anyway, it looked something like THIS.


You'll notice there are some differences, but some of it was copied word for word or cut and pasted directly. If you're wondering why I put the "Mrs. Robinson" stuff in there, then click here. I guess Sun King either doesn't like that song or didn't want to include anything non-Beatle related.

This, plus the White Album poster photos, and some side-by-side Paul comparisons (Which Sun King later turned into animated gif's) is what went live on the internet around April of 2001. It was put up on a friend's domain, who doesn't wish to be involved in this nonsense. It doesn't matter anyway, though; the 60IF page was taken down soon thereafter, because it got virtually NO attention. Not surprising, considering how silly it is. Apparently, though, SOMEONE found it interesting, because it ended up being changed a little and put back on the web sometime later by someone else. Of course, there have been many more layers of mystery added: It was dictated by George to his eastern friends, who apparently understand English but decided to write it in some eastern language anyway. It then got translated into Italian and I suppose handed over to Sun King, who then I suppose translated it into english. Oh, and now there is MUCH more to it. You see, it is actually a "document" with hundreds of pages and thousands of photos to PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that its story is genuine. Too bad, though, that Sun King isn't going to show it to anyone. After all, his life is in danger. But don't worry, when the war in Iraq is over (it is, by the way) he will disclose EVERYTHING. Already an attempt has been made on his life! Sorry folks, but if Sun King is in any danger, it certainly isn't because of this little hoax. It's odd though, don't you think - if Sun King has these thousands of SECRET photos that PROVE the story, then why does he get so excited when he finds a picture where John looks "sad"?


I'm flattered that you guys think I'm part of some 'intelligence conspiracy', but honestly the only conspirators here are Sun King and his ilk.



While reading over this again for the first time in so long, I noticed alot of embarassing goofs. First, why in the hell did I say that it was being told by George, only to start mentioning him in the 3rd person later? Doh! Also, the story starts with Brian and Paul in the car. Then out of nowhere, there's a girl that 'happened to be with them at the time'. Doh! Then, there's ANOTHER girl who ran away. Doh! Another thing that makes this so ridiculous is the fact that this tale, if being told by George, goes WAAAYYY out of its way to touch on nearly every "clue" about Paul being dead - I mean, George, in his weakened, dying state, was REALLY able to remember every little clue that was left and made sure to include it in his story (without directly referencing it of course). Folks, surely you can see how this thing was reverse-engineered, no? Trust me, it was. I wrote it!


About the addition of the claim of IBS:

It should be clear that I am a natural born english speaker, and it should be clear from the writing of the 60IF webpage that it was also written by a natural english speaker. But, you might notice that the 'addendum' about IBS and other stuff that was added reads differently - it was obviously added by a DIFFERENT writer.


Make what you will of this. Some of you are level-headed enough to know that no one as busy as myself would go to the trouble of making this stuff up. It may be true that I still haven't proven anything, but have I not made MUCH more of an effort to back up my claims than Sun King, who simply BANNED me?


As always, yours in truth...


Zak P.